"With my art I am reflecting what I see with my eyes, combine it with who I am and what I have in my mind and heart."


Martin Kaupp states: "I'm a little crazy but a photographer at heart who lives intensely and enjoys to appreciate the details life has to offer. Photography is a part of me and my ages are the mirror of my soul."


Martin Kaupp studied at the Art School in Karlsruhe, Germany.He worked in the SIHLER studio where he specializes in commercial products and enjoys the large format cameras, SINAR.


After several years at the studio he signs with the Magazine "Burda Moden" as a fashion photographer. Kaupp also works as a reporter at Germany's largest Newspaper of AXEL SPRINGER VERLAG where he fights the race against time as "every moment is unique and not repeatable". His speed and craftiness lead him to huge success at this time.


He decides to move to Ibiza, Spain, where he reports on a weekly basis and has views behind the scenes of the many artists and celebrities from all over the place. All doors are open for Kaupp and his camera and he is in the midst of all the happenings to make famous stories about the celebrities life's, travels, luxuries and parties.


With all his experience in the many different branches of photography, studio, fashion, reportage, etc. he publishes the Magazine TRAVEL TIME and GLOBO. Kaupp took all adventurous trips with his camera to provide his magazines with exclusive background information about traveling to different regions and cultures, their histories, traditions, taboos, nature, beaches, food. He traveled Spain, Kenya/Africa, Thailand. In Indonesia he lived with a tribe that cuts heads and in Brazil he lived with the KAYAPO tribe.


Martin Kaupp states, that he was never afraid in the jungle where he lived with savages but felt very happy to live this life full of action, discovery and study.


One result of his Brazilian trip was a spectacle of a 12-Slide-Show projector with which he toured throughout Germany sponsored by large German Companies like TUI, Batida de Coco, etc.


Kaupp recently moved to Miami Beach, Florida, where he works on his newest projects. Martin Kaupp developed the style Pop-Art-Photo-Painting what is based on photography, transformed into new creations from surreal to real and abstract.




in the 80th i started my career as artist. when i publshed a book about berlin. i always wanted to retouch my photos. in the analog times it was quiet complicated. the new digital tools opens up a complete new dimension. the limit is you and your creativity. i developed my own style.

i call him POP-ART-PHOTO-PAINTING because it has elemtents of all 4 art forms. i think this is the next step with modern tools which Andy

Warhol began at the end of the last century.




2007 Cuba- gato tuerto

2008 Cuba- hotel ..habana libre grupo somos lo que hay

2008 Cuba- hotel riviera

2009 Mexico/cancun- own gallery in hotelzone

2009 Mexico/Cancun- hotel casa turquesa

2009 Mexico/cancun- gallery casa turquesa

2010 USA/miami - gallery Opraphia

2010 USA/miami - red dot art art link international

2010 USA/miami - mia intern.artfair

2010 USA/ west palm art fair

2011 USA/naples art fair

2011 USA/NY red dot art fair

2011 USA/miami art fair cuba nostalgia

2011 USA/miami gallery collection privee


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